What if You Don’t Get Group Health Insurance Through your Work?

Although most individuals who are employed get their group health insurance through their place of employment, that is not the case for everyone. Some people only work part-time, or perhaps they work for a small business that is not required to offer group health insurance to their employees. Another possible scenario is those individuals who are self-employed. Approximately 65% of Georgia’s residents get their benefits through their employer sponsored group health insurance. That means that 35% still has to figure out a way to get health insurance.

There are a few other options if you want to get group health insurance. There are some organizations that offer group health insurance plans, such as fraternities, or non-profit organizations. This is often difficult to find, however. Sometimes, you may also be able to enroll in your spouse’s group health insurance plan, if he or she receives benefits through work. There are some big advantages to group health insurance that make some individuals try to obtain it, rather than purchasing an individual or family health insurance plan through the private insurance market. The main advantage is that if you qualify to enroll in a group health insurance plan, you cannot be denied coverage because of a pre-existing medical problem, or poor current health. This can be a huge problem for someone who, for example, was successfully treated for cancer in the past and is currently in remission. Or for someone who has diabetes or asthma. These types of medical conditions will not preclude an individual from enrolling in a group health insurance plan, but they may lead to a denial or higher premiums, if they were to apply for an individual health insurance policy.

However, maybe getting group health insurance is not an option for you. You will then have to purchase an individual or family health insurance policy for yourself and your family members from the private health insurance market. There are advantages to this option too. The main one is that individual or family health insurance plans are more inexpensive than group health insurance plans. The reason for this is that group health insurance plans have to accept any qualified person, regardless of their health. Therefore, the outgoing expenses are higher for group health insurance plans. For an individual policy, the health insurance provider can deny the applications of anyone they consider to be high risk. Therefore, they can keep costs down, which translates into lower premiums for all members of an individual health insurance plan. In other words, if you compare the same policy side by side, with the only difference whether it is offered as an individual or a group health insurance plan, the individual policy should have a lower premium.

When filling out applications for individual health insurance policies, you will have to complete a brief questionnaire about your health, and the health of your family. A similar application process is required for group health insurance policies. That part of the process is similar regardless of the type of plan. The other similarity is that you will find the same big national health insurance carriers offer both kinds of plans. So if you have had a group health insurance plan with Coventry or Cigna in the past, you may still contact those companies to find an individual or family health insurance plan. Therefore, your network of preferred physicians may stay the same. Of course, many different health insurance companies contract with the same physicians, so just because you have to switch carriers does not necessarily mean that you will have to switch physicians.

Regardless of whether you have a group health insurance plan, or an individual plan, be sure that you and your family are covered.

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What is Taxifolin

TaxifolinTaxifolin (also known as dihydroquercetin) is a flavonoid (health boosting chemical compounds that can be found in plants) that can fight cancer, treat diabetes and much more. In this article I will be providing a full breakdown of taxifolin, its main health benefits, the recommended daily allowance (RDA) and the best food sources.

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Natural Allergy Relief Treatments Recommended by Doctors

Allergy is one of the most terrible things that people really hate to experience in their everyday lives.You are really lucky if you do not have to deal with this, But for those who do suffer from allergies, it is a real nightmare – especially when the allergies keep getting worse. Gladly, there are some tips for allergy relief per doctor’s recommendations that they can follow so that they can enjoy their day without any risk of allergies. These treatments are also meant for kids, and not just adults. Here are the following natural allergy relief treatments that doctors know about.

Close the Windows Shut

If need be, windows must be shut in order to prevent allergens from spreading throughout the air inside your house. Pollen and dust come and go often in our house because the windows are usually open. To simply prevent it from comingagain, just close the windows. This is effective in removing almost 90% of those allergen particles around you.

Take a Bath Once you Get Home

If you are very allergic, consider taking a bath every time you return home. Whenyou go outside, you tend to bring home some pollen, dust and even pet hair as they get stuck to our clothing. These particles can stay and drift around your house until it triggers your allergies. A simple cleanup by bathing and doing the laundry (or at least storing the clothes elsewhere before laundry day) are effective remedies.

Observe Good Diet and Drink More Water

A certain study has proven that children who eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and other crops such as nuts can develop a stronger resistance against allergies. It might be quite mysterious as experts are still researching the link between a healthy diet and how it affects allergies in our body. However, there is an old saying that goes”a healthy eater gets to live longer”. This also means having a healthier life without any sickness.

In addition, water is essential. You must drink many glassesper day in order to prevent allergies. Drinking more water can help thin out the mucus and that will help you feel relieved. It is also a common cure for simple colds and coughs. Using hot water rather than cold helps thin the mucus more and that’s why soup is perfect for your diet as well.

Clean up the House

This is the most basic rule that doctors know well. Being clean is always linked to being healthy. A person with a healthy lifestyle tends to clean their surroundings more often. Regularly clean up your house so that dust bunnies will never form. Do this so allergy causing particleswill be removed and for pests to be evicted (some of them carry dust as well). Use vacuum cleaners for full effect. If you are a  smoker, then just do so outside, or better yet quit.

Get Nasal Treatment Products

Talking about thedifferent types of natural allergy medicine, it is highly recommended that you will not use any decongestants as they can cause side effects.

Try NasalGuard® Allergy Blocking Gel.This is a specially formulated gel substance that you apply using your forefinger. All you need is to spread it around your nostrils and on the skinabove your upper lip. It creates an invisible barrier made from the safe components of the product outside your nose, and that very barrier serves as a filter as you inhale against harmful particles that can cause allergies. There are other nasal products that provide benefits in a natural way for harmless results.

These natural allergy treatments are recommended by doctors as alternatives to using drugs that can cause side-effects in the body. If you follow these easy steps, rest assured that you will be able to live a better life than before.

How Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Affects Your Body

For over a past few years, we have been witnessing a rise in cases of chronic fatigue syndrome. A person needs to meet specific criteria for getting diagnosed for chronic fatigue syndrome.  Doctors follow a particular set of rules and guidelines while diagnosing because it’s quite difficult to diagnose chronic fatigue in some patients.


For chronic fatigue syndrome treatment you need to visit an expert doctor who knows how to determine if a patient is suffering from chronic fatigue or not.


    Understanding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


It is quite difficult to define Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, especially to people who have less knowledge in medical field. The syndrome is quite unexplainable and patients suffer from fatigue, lethargy, tiredness, sleeping problems, swollen lymph nodes, fever and many other problems. The cause for this illness is not known exactly yet. It can also affect a person without over-exertion and it doesn’t go away with rest.


    Symptoms Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


I have already mentioned some of the common symptoms of this illness, but there’s a long list of other symptoms as well. You can easily identify yourself some of the most common symptoms. However, you need to visit an expert doctor who can identify the other symptoms.


A doctor will diagnose for chronic fatigue syndrome, if for no apparent reason or situation the symptoms keep reoccurring for a time period, also if no treatment seems to be working effectively for your illnesses.


Here is a list of a few symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:


    Constant or reoccurring Fatigue
    Pain and Aches in muscles
    Lymph nodes will become swollen
    Cases of acute depression have been reported
    Reoccurring Headaches and in some cases even migraine
    Always feeling tired, even without doing any physical work
    Have problems to concentrate on work and chores
    Joints pain
    Persistent weakness
    In some cases loss of memory is also reported.


Doctors have failed to find the exact reason behind the occurrence of chronic fatigue. However, it might occur when a person is under extreme stress or he/she has been sick with other illness for a while. It seems that chronic fatigue attacks a person when his/her body is weak due to other illnesses or reasons. Doctors say that this syndrome usually occurs after suffering from flu, common cold, hepatitis or bronchitis.


The syndrome usually lasts for months and this is quite a bad news for people suffering from chronic fatigue. In some cases, the syndrome keeps on affecting people constantly while in other cases it can reoccur from time to time. Chronic fatigue wouldn’t fade away on its own and keeps damaging the health of the patient. You should visit the best doctor to get proper chronic fatigue syndrome treatment.

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