Healthy Electronic Cigarette Advantage And Disadvantage Analysis

Healthy electronic cigarette advantage and disadvantage analysis

The invention of electronic cigarettes from 2005 to now, no combustion, no second-hand smoke, aid to smoking cessation etc. has been welcomed by consumers, product design defects are also constantly improving, introduce electronic cigarette 10 advantages and 4 disadvantages.

Electronic cigarette 10 advantages:

01, natural sound, electronic cigarette with smoke of different nature, no burning, no tar and other chemical substances, remove the carcinogen in common smoke, benefit smokers’ physical health;

02, healthy green, the electronic cigarette will not arise to other “secondhand smoke ” harm, protect the health of the person beside you;

03, natural taste, electronic cigarette smoke bombs, refining Yunnan pure natural plant essence, taste is quite close to the real smoke;

04, to simulate real cigarette, microcomputer intelligent Esmoke chip controls the pump process, simulating real smoking completely, pumping more easily, the quantity of smoke greatly;

05, it is complete, electronic cigarette smoke bombs, in high, low concentrations of nicotine were lower than that of the common cigarette nicotine levels, according to their own needs can choose different concentration with;

06, safety and environmental protection, in line with the EU CE and RoHS safety certification, belonging to environmental protection products; in the “ban” region and the airport and other places are free to use;

In 07, the appearance of fashion, electronic cigarette has the world’s only appearance of patents and utility patents, the current products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States and other countries, domestic and international market is very popular;

08, tastes of many electronic cigarette taste, variety, a flue cured tobacco type, peppermint, coffee, apple, according to the different needs of customers with different tastes.

In 09, aid for smoking cessation, by gradually reducing cessation of nicotine intake, make its physiological on nicotine demand imperceptibly drops to zero, to help smokers without pain, imperceptibly in successful smoking cessation.

In 10, low cost, electronic cigarette can be charged for repeated use, greatly reduce the cost of smoking, in many places can also use smoke limiting.

Electronic cigarette 4 disadvantages:

In 1, the electronic cigarette atomizer easily broken;

In 2, the atomizer is easy to block;

3, taste slants weak, and there is little difference between true smoke;

4, air switch poor anti-interference etc.

However, electronic cigarette have been continuously updated its technology, and update speed is very fast. Now the electronic cigarette has developed very well, the use of the new technologies of the electronic cigarette ( the two generation of electronic cigarettes ) not only solve the above disadvantages, but also adds more advantages. Such as the use of a disposable atomizer smoke bomb electronic cigarette smoke in large quantity, good taste, solves the problem of easy blockage of electronic smog chamber. The second generation of mechanical switch, strong interference resistance, stable performance. Supercritical CO2 extraction electronic cigarette tar, taste is more close to the real smoke. Electronic cigarette in the original products based on, Gao Jiantang has introduced more new electronic cigarette products, such as EGO, EGO-T, EGO-T using smokeless cotton liquid smoke bombs, this revolutionary new product very welcomed by consumers, understand EGO-T more advantages, please

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