Massages, Meditation And Spiritual: Ancient Cures for Modern Afflictions

Thousands of years ago, life was much different for man in every aspect. Some say it was a purer, more satisfying way of life while some say it was simply more primitive and savage. Both parties will, however, agree on the fact that life was much less stressful thousands of years ago and the simplicity was the cause of the stress-free environment. Men and women played particular roles in the society, some hunted, some protected their land, and they were not overwhelmed by the collective rush of information from everywhere. Life had a simpler and more natural quality to it back then in every aspect especially concerning medicine. While medicine was in its most primitive form in the ancient cultures, no doubt it was more natural and had more holistic healing powers than modern medicine. Proof of this can still be seen around the world; many cultures promote and prefer the ancient medicinal values of the Chinese and the Hindus. Their healing powers have been preserved by way of ancient texts and writings in their respective cultures.

Ayurveda Dubai

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, we often forget to take care of ourselves. You might suddenly experience a really bad backache from sitting in the wrong position day after day and on a visit to the doctor, you find out that it’s just stress and start taking prescription medicine. The catch here is that most of these medicines only work on eliminating symptoms and not really treating the cause of the affliction. When day after day, you treat only the symptoms, eventually you become immune and dependent on certain medication leading to you increasing your dosage after every while. This can be a vicious cycle to get caught up in. The biggest misconception in modern society is that the old ways are now outdated and no longer treat mankind’s afflictions like depression, anxiety, stress or even physiological illnesses such as heart condition and diabetes. One of the most successful ways of treating stress of massage therapy and, in a survey conducted in America, it was concluded that eighty five percent of individuals who were visiting professional masseuses did so for the treatment of stress and physical conditions.

The rates of depression in urban areas, especially in the developing world have risen in the past decade tremendously. Even the golden Middle East isn’t safe from the frightening clutches of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Luckily enough for the residents, Ayurveda medicine is making a comeback in the lives of urban dwellers. This is a form of treatment derived from Hindu teachings that date back to some 5,000 years ago. The approach used in this is purely holistic; it is a combination of massages, dietary changes, detoxification, etc. Ayurveda Dubai is becoming a rising trend because of the success rates of the treatment. There are many treatment centers and clinics in this urban hub that have trained professionals who have degrees in Ayurveda techniques. Another interesting thing about this treatment is that the focus seems to be largely spiritual; equivalent to that of regular meditation. Whatever the basis, it is definitely worth a try.

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