Is Prostate Cancer Laser Treatment for You?

Hearing that you have cancer is a physical and emotional burden. There are many different concerns about prostate cancer, treatment, eradication of the disease, and any aftereffects such as erectile dysfunction or incontinence. Although prostate cancer is not generally a fast-progressing disease, it still needs to be taken care of quickly. If you want to learn more about prostate cancer laser treatment, visit this website.

What Is Laser Treatment for Prostate Cancer?

Using high intensity focused ultrasound, the cancer is destroyed without damaging the surrounding tissue. The sound waves heat the cancerous tissue to about 90 degrees Celsius, (194 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s much like the sun’s rays through a magnifying glass to start a fire. The patient is given an epidural during the treatment. Using today’s imaging technology, the doctor can pinpoint the area that will be targeted. Depending on the size of your prostate, the treatment takes about one to four hours.  

Do You Have Questions?

As with any treatment option for your cancer, you probably have many questions. This procedure is generally a one-time thing. It’s most effective when the cancer is localized to the prostate gland and is still in its early stages, but the treatment is non-ionizing, which means it can be redone should the cancer return. Unlike radiation, other treatment options can be performed after laser treatment. You really have to discuss this option with a doctor who specializes in prostate cancer laser treatment to know if you fit all the requirements.

Prostate laser cancer treatment was envisioned back in the 1940s, but the technology to target the prostate gland was not available yet. It wasn’t until the 1990s when ultrasound technology advanced enough to allow doctors to determine if the modality would work. Since that time, it’s been used on about 6,000 men around the world with success.

One other concern with the laser treatment is how the urethra is affected, because it does run through the center of the prostate. The urethra is a different type of tissue than the gland itself. Imaging technology lets the technician avoid the sphincter and bladder neck during the treatment which are vital to urinary continence.

Benefits of Prostate Cancer Laser Treatment

The advantage to prostate cancer laser treatment over traditional treatment therapies is that it only takes about one afternoon. The recovery time is minimal compared to surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, because it is non-invasive. You are given a spinal anesthesia, an epidural, to manage your comfort during the procedure. Typically, you will be up and walking around just a few hours after the treatment. You should probably rest a couple of days before resuming your normal lifestyle.

Learn More When You Talk to Your Healthcare Provider

Of course, you have to discuss your treatment options with your doctor. Ask about prostate cancer laser treatment to see if it can treat your body. Making a decision with all the information you need makes it easier to know if you’re doing the right thing for your own health. Feel better about your wellbeing when you’ve gotten enough information to choose what’s best for you.

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